About Me

Hi, I am Maciej, but friends call me Maciek :wave:

I’m a software engineer with over 10 years of experience, interested in text processing and distributed systems. I built business applications from scratch, developed big legacy systems (1M+ LOC), extracted services, worked with text processing and created tools for development productivity. Specialising in Ruby I spend most of the time working with the Ruby ecosystem, I contributed to the community in a series of micro-contributions. I’m more than happy though to pick up a technology that is right for the job - in the past I’ve worked with JavaScript, Java and now I’m learning Golang. I’m always curious to see how the tools I use work, so I often pry into their internals (see what I learnt about databases). This habit helped me develop debugging as my hidden power.

I am an experienced technical leader. During my career, I built a team from scratch, coordinated project work, and collaborated with clients and stakeholders. Interested in software architecture, I’m happy to design and plan technical initiatives. I’m glad to see that the processes and practices that I proposed have been introduced by the teams I work with and have improved their work. I draw inspiration from the whole agile movement and I checked my knowledge by obtaining [Professional Scrum Master I certificate. I helped developers grow and guided them in their careers. I also conducted over 50 technical interviews for both Backend Developer and Backend Architect roles.

I believe that knowledge should be spread, that’s why I advocate for knowledge sharing. I speak at conferences, and meetups and I organise community events (Ruby User Group, technical conference, Rails Girls workshops). I share my experience teaching part-time at Rzeszów Technical University - focusing mostly on an agile approach to project management.

You can learn details about my work experience on my Linkedin profile.